String: toURI() & transliterate() for JavaScript

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Transliteration for JavaScript & Node.js, basically used for URI generation. As small’n’simple as possible, but has a basic Ukrainian/Russian language detection for “и” char replacements.


Basically, just call toURI() with a String and you’ll get a SEO friendly URL, separated with dashes (”-“) by default. Also, there’s a transliterate() method, but it always works with toLowerCase() right now, not sure should it be improved yet or not.



toURI("Тест: Чи маємо те, на що чекаємо? + /English Text Remains/?")
// test-chy-maiemo-te-na-shcho-chekaiemo+english-text-remains

toURI("Тест: Проверим текст на русском языке")
// test-proverim-text-na-russkom-yazyke


Prepared by Annexare Studio. Feel free to use it as you need in your apps or send updates into this public repository. It’s under MIT license.